Short Hair Care Products!

Short Hair Care Products!

Short Hair Care Products!

Getting and keeping your hair unbelievably healthy with our award winning products!

--Products by Healthy Hair Plus™

What you need to do!

Hair Care from 20s-30s:

1) During this time the root of the hair tends to be actively reproducing sebum which can cause a stickiness within the hair root. This attracts stickier products such as hair sprays and also dirts and bacteria to the root of the hair.

Solution: 1)Cleanse the root of the hair

2) During the 20''s and 30''s is when most of the damage is done to your hair which is noticed during the later years. Harsh hair styling and exposure to the sun and heat can severely damage hair. Most people in this age group use cheap hair products that can also damage hair.

Solution: 1) Protect hair from sun and heat

2) Replenish proteins lost during treating and

styling products (very important)

3) Feed the root of the hair

Product solutions: Silk Protein Conditioner will repair hair

damaged from the sun and will protect it from

sun''s harmful rays! 8 oz bottle $12.95

Vitamin Shampoo for replacing lost vitamins

and protein from the hair. 16 oz bottle $13.95

Root Food- Feeds the roots of your hair 1-3

times per week for extremely healthy hair.

Root Cleanser- Cleanse the root of your hair

once weekly to remove product build up and

dirt. this will prevent future hair problems and

solve many now!. It''s a must!


Regular price is $48.95

  • 2 oz root cleanser

  • silk protein 8 oz

  • vitamin shampoo 16 oz

  • root food 2. 5 oz

Important tip: Stay away from products that contain sodium laurel sulfate and stay away from gels that contain alcohol! Our products do not contain these! Sodium laurel sulfate can be an extreme irritant to the scalp causing a variety of problems. Certain types of alcohol are very drying.

Also Recommended for having hair so healthy you''ll get reactions!

1) Hair Energizer Vitamins- All the amino acids, b group vitamins and minerals that your hair needs in an all natural oral vitamin. Best seller since 1980. Healthy hair! $13.95 1 bottle of 60 vitamins!

Shipping is a flat rate of $2.95 in the USA and $6.50 for Canada

Shipping charge of $13 to the UK, Australia and similar countries!


"My hairdresser was astounded. She has given me just about every product to try to get my dry, fragile hair healthy again. I used your kit and within 2 months I had this unbelievable hair. She is truly blown away. Great products! I''m a lifelong customer"

"I used your vitamins for 3 months to grow my hair out for a wedding. I am still using them because of how fast they made my hair grow but also how healthy my hair has become. It is so strong healthy and shiny. I''ll only ever use your vitamin shampoo also! Love the smell and the way it leaves my hair.

Healthy Hair Plus has award winning hair products that solve problems! Going short? Try our sample kit!