Natures Way Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Shake Review

Natures Way Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Shake Review

Most of us have lost the ability to determine if we are hungry or not. Often it is not until we are “unbutton your pants” or I’ll explode full that we stop eating. Natures Way Metabolic Reset shakes addresses the satiety factor and helps you to feel full, even with few calories in your stomach. When we eat a large meal, stomach receptors feel that our stomach contents is at its limit. It sends a signal to the brain to stop eating. Many of us have conditioned ourselves to either ignore the signal, or eat way past the disdended feeling before the brain is signaled. With this meal replacement shake, you will feel physically full because of the fiber in the shake, and you will also get essential vitamins and fiber, without all the calories. From there the people at Nature’s Way assume you can reprogram your hunger cues, decrease your cravings and appetite, and begin to eat a modest amount of food again, without going into insulin overdrive.

The ingredients in Natures Way Weight Loss Shake:

  • The macronutrient breakdown. There are 130 calories but 4 grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein. Great source of protein for so few calories. There is only one gram of sugar and no fructose.
  • The vitamins: While most of the vitamins and minerals are present, they each represent about 33% of the Daily Value. If you intend to drink two shakes a day with a modest dinner, you may still fall short with some nutrients. Following up with a good multi vitamin may be prudent.
  • The Protien: The protein is derived from whey protein isolate, the most expensive and best performing protein in supplements today. This protein contains all the amino acids necessary for building muscle, metabolic functioning, blood sugar control, and satiety. They say protein and fat are the foods with the highest satiety, so this is a good thing to include.
  • The fiber: Natures Way proprietary blend of fiber is called viscofiber. This is a blend of fibers that can potentially absorb more water and form a jell like substance to fill the stomach. While nature’s way claims their blend to be the most effective fiber for weight loss, appetite control, and cravings, I have read the same thing from fibers of other companies. I don’t know that they’ve pitted this specific fiber blend against other weight loss fiber blends. However, it performs better than standard dietary fiber.


  • There are no stimulants in this weight loss shake.
  • This can replace a meal, thereby saving money at that meal.
  • Tastes great even without fructose or artificial sweeteners.


  • With only 130 calories, there may not be enough energy in this shake to take it for long periods of time. People may get too few calories and feel full anyway, thereby risking nutrient deficiencies.


Shakes like Natures Way Metabolic Reset is a safe and effective way to lose weight. If the goal is to replace a meal and help you to feel full with fewer calories, it just may have the right ingredients to accomplish this. The fiber, protein, and nutrients in this product would be safe and healthy to experiment with for weight loss.

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