Choose an Exercise that Suits You

Choose an Exercise that Suits You

There are hundreds of fitness videos and training experts that have their 10 minutes to slim or 15 minutes to fab, but which exercise routine is best for you?


Yoga is a commonly known generic term for the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace. Yoga is calming but it also can be done in a more intense Bikram yoga style which is known for weight loss and defining muscles while strengthening the core.


Great for all fitness levels and designed to bring physical fitness as well as being fun, Zumba was introduced in 2001 and has become today’s most popular dancercise class. Zumba matches moves from Latin, Creole, and African dance traditions to top 40 hits for an energetic exercise class.


CrossFit is intense. CrossFit is a core conditioning program that combines aerobic, gymnastic and weight movement. The CrossFit prescription is constantly varied, high intensity and functional movements. The workouts are always intense although they vary between longer, high cardio workouts to shorter, more intense high weigh workouts. There is no wandering around the gym or taking a seat at the track; you work hard from 3-2-1 GO! Most workouts are done for time and very few are repeated more than a few times a year for constant variation.

All of these fitness regimes are great forms of exercise, all guaranteed to build a strong core, healthy body and invigorate the mind. People of all ages can do all three of these programs but they do vary in intensity so you should consult your doctor before engaging in any of them.

As with any exercise, start at a pace that is comfortable for you and find an instructor or group class that is supportive of people going at their own pace. You should be eager to exercise, whatever you choose, but you need to make sure that your trainer, coach or instructor is going to guide you in a way that is not harmful.