attilios fitness loss nutrition weight Resources

attilios fitness loss nutrition weight Resources

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Attilios Fitness Loss Nutrition Weight World News

Japan develops weight-loss consultation software (People''s Daily)
Japanese electronic giant Hitachi has recently developed a weight-loss software for those who do not know how to keep fit by dieting. The software is able to stipulate fitness objectives, offer suggestions over diet and sports.

Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss? (PR Web)
Green tea has earned a great reputation for helping many achieve weight loss goals and suppress appetite. Take the next step to a successful New Year’s Resolution with a green tea supplement. Free Green Tea 300 7 day trials available. [PRWEB Jan 10, 2006]

Voigt and Golijov Discuss Weight Loss, Brunnhilde, and Microphones (Playbill Arts)
A newly svelte soprano Deborah Voigt told New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini about her dramatic weight loss and the challenges of choosing roles at a Times Arts and Leisure weekend event Friday.

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss - Publication (Medical News Today)
With the problem of obesity approaching epidemic proportions, an increasing number of patients who have had bariatric surgery are now turning to plastic surgeons for body contouring to remove excess skin remaining after massive weight loss.

New Obesity Resource Website Launched to Keep Weight-Loss Surgery Community Informed (PR Web)
New Site offers a comprehensive online obesity resource guide and support center for patients, doctors, and anyone looking for more information on weight-loss surgery. [PRWEB Jan 8, 2006]

Weight-loss pills fail to match diet, exercise (Sunday Mail)
NEW research suggests over-the-counter weight-loss pills do not help to beat the battle of the bulge. A Choice Online study has found that despite slick advertisements and claims, there was no evidence popping the pills would do anything about unwanted kilos.

Study finds short-term lifestyle changes improve health even without major weight loss (News-Medical-Net)
Obese and overweight individuals suffering metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes showed significant health improvements after only three weeks of diet and moderate exercise even though the participants remained overweight.

Counting calories: Getting back to weight-loss basics (Mayo Clinic)
Your weight is a balancing act and calories play a big role. Find out how calories determine your weight and ways you can best cut calories from your diet.

National Survey Reveals Why So Many Fail At Weight Loss—Lack Of Will Power (PR Web) (, a next generation media site based on democratic voting principles and active participation of its members, released the results of its weekly hot topic poll regarding the nation’s view on why so many Americans fail at losing weight. Four out of ten of those surveyed blame lack of will power and heredity as the chief cause for the failure to succeed at losing weight.

A Healthy Weight Loss Option for College Students (PR Web)
Three simple steps can help students avoid rapid weight gain while attending college. Students should exercise regularly, eat healthy, and adhere to a five meal diet plan. Online shopping is a great way to purchase snacks at reduced prices that can be used on the diet plan. [PRWEB Jan 10, 2006]
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